Sunday, September 28, 2008

Morgan Updates

There have been a lot of small things Morgan has been doing that I thought I'd compile into one post as they are soo small to warrant their own.

* Morgan has now been doing a "real" crawl on her hands and knees about 50% of the time. If she needs to go longer distances she still plops down on her tummy and drags herself along. It seems that this method is still faster at this point. Before her nap this morning she crawled on her hands and knees the entire time she played.

* She is eating more and more "finger foods." We've been trying to incorporate them slowly, still feeding her some thickened purees for each meal as well. She now eats bits of veggie burgers (the ones with lots of actual vegetables, not "pretend meat" burgers), tofu, pieces of baked chicken and special Gerber crackers (small and easy to chew). She's doing pretty well with these, but some days is more interested in us feeding her that feeding herself.

* She is loving her "puffs" more and more. She now recognizes the containers and gets very excited when we open the cabinet and pull them out. She doesn't yet eat the 61 (yes, 61) puffs they say are in a serving, not that this is really a goal, but it is so odd I thought I'd mention it.

* Morgan has her "9 month" well-baby check this Thursday. Originally this was scheduled for a few weeks ago, but the many changes we had in travel plans forced us to schedule the appointment at almost 10 months. I did learn that she will be getting two shots at this appointment. Previously I thought she had a break until her 12 month appointment, but no luck there. Poor baby! We were able to set her 12 month appointment for December 8th, so her "stats" will be more acurate for her age at that one.

* My "little baby" is starting to look more and more like a toddler to me. It is odd to see her standing at her activitiy table and pulling up on anything and everything. She greets us after her naps standing in her crib. So cute! She is looking like she has more and more balance and agility on her feet. A new friend asked me the other day if she could walk...huh? Then I noticed she was standing, holding on with only one hand and truely looked like she might be able to just "take off" walking. No, not yet, but who knows when? The only thing that keeps her baby-like to me at this point is that she still doesn't have a lot of hair. It is growing slowly though, but it's still not quite enough.

* In most of her clothing, Morgan is wearing 9-12 month sizes. Though, anything that is one-piece (onesies, sleepers, etc.) we are thinking we're going to have to move to 12-18 months sizes soon. She's not wide, but long-waisted. As we say alot around our house, "such a big girl!" We had a little one in the 5-10th percentile visiting us last night. She is one month younger than Morgan and is teeny-tiny. Morgan looks like an amazon next to her! There is such a range of sizes at this age.

* No more teeth, yet. She's got four on the top and 2 on the bottom. I keep thinking she's going to get two more on the bottom, but they are nowhere to be seen at this point.

That was more than I thought I had. We'll, I've got to run and take a shower while Morgan naps. Hopefully, we're off to church when she wakes up...and after I determine whether her runny nose is going to get us in trouble at the church nursery. They are sticklers in there!

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