Monday, September 15, 2008

Blogging Block

Some people get writer's block, sometimes I get "blogger's block." I want to post about something, but nothing significant comes to mind. I guess I've just start writing and see what comes.

It's Monday morning and Morgan is taking a nap. She's due to wake up soon, so I've got to be quick here. I've actually been able to get quite a bit done so far today. Lately I can count on at least an hour and half nap from her in the morning, maybe more. Today I organized some personal files, separated and started some laundry, made the bed, cleared a bunch of clutter that built up over the weekend and got myself ready to go for a walk when Morgan wakes up. The next few days are supposed to be really nice here, then around Thursday/Friday we are expecting a temperature I've got to get outside! We might make it as far as the mall today (about 40 minutes each way on the Centennial Trail).

My friend April is coming for dinner tonight. She is the rep for a magazine that my old company used to advertise in. We bonded over trying to get pregnant at the same time. She's had quite a long road, but is now 17 weeks pregnant with a little boy and I can't wait to see her!! She and her husband live in Seattle, so I don't get to see her much, but we talk about every week. It's been fun to be on this "journey" together and support each other along the way.

Well, enough babbling for now. I hope you don't mind my random post. Happy Monday everyone!

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The Kapics said...

Just so you know, I love reading your blog. It's so fun to see Morgan grow up!