Friday, September 5, 2008

9 Months Old!

Here she is!! It's amazing how much easier taking pictures is when you have two people. One person to "entertain" that the other takes the pictures. Here are a few more:

When I was taking the pictures by myself she kept crawling I thought I'd include a few of those shots as well. She also repositioned herself that her back was to me. I just missed the shot where she was looking at me.
Her 9 month Dr. appointment has been rescheduled to the beginning of she'll be almost 10 months old at that point. We've had to move some travel plans so this disrupted the earl er appointment we had scheduled. I did weigh her on our bathroom scale yesterday and she was 21.5 lbs. BIG girl! According to Baby Center's calculator this is between the 75th and 90th percentiles. I think it's closer to the 90th because I put in 22 lbs and it calculated to the 90th percentile. This is where she's been all along. Even though she's big, she growing consistently.
We'll give the report from her appointment on October 2nd.

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Amy Rusalov said...

I can't believe she's nine months already! Still the cutest thing ever!