Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ducky Disaster

Morgan is growing out of her infant bathtub. She continually tries to climb out of it during baths. I've been thinking about what to do about this for a while. I'm not quite ready for her to be in the big tub by herself and am not crazy about getting in it with her every night.

Well, we may need to start getting in there with her because my first solution was a disaster. I decided to buy this cute inflatable duck-shaped bathtub that fits nicely in the big tub and doesn't slip around like the infant tub did. It even quacks when you squeeze it's beak! Everything went OK as we were filling up the duck with water (see the cute baby butt below!) But, as soon as we put her in it she burst into tears! I didn't have the water hotter than usual, she didn't seem to be hurt in any way. We managed to calm her down a little and finished the bath. We figured she was over it.

We were wrong. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of last night's episode. I was all excited to give her a bath in her ducky tub tonight. I was convinced she was going to love it this time around. I put the duck in the big tub and David brought her in. As soon as she saw it she just completely melted down! She was crying and turning red. David and I looked at each other and said, "I guess this isn't going to work." He took her in the other room to calm her down and I exchanged the duck tub for the old infant tub. Then I heard a yell from the other room...Morgan had peed on David. Oops! She was still crying when I took her from him. I put her in the old tub. She was still a little upset, but calmed down quickly when I started washing her. After cleaning himself up (and the carpet in the bonus room), David came in the bathroom to help finish the bath. I decided to do one more thing to "test" Morgan. The ducky tub has a suction cup on it that allows it to hang from the wall of the tub. I had hung it up there and covered it with the shower curtain liner. I uncovered the ducky and she started to cry again...sure enough... daughter is afraid of the great, big, duck-shaped bathtub. Huh? She loves her little toy ducks and any book with a duck. I swore the other day she said "duh" after I said "duck" to her. Maybe such a small, cute thing is really scary when it's over sized?

Anyone want a inflatable ducky bathtub??


Anonymous said...

I hate to laugh at poor Morgan, but I can't help it! Poor girl!

It really worked well for us to get in the bath with her when she moved out of the infant tub (and we still do that about every other bath becaue it's fun!).

Also, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got a tub mat that's VERY's made by Contac. I can't find a link online, but I got it in the store. That helped to keep her sitting upright, but it was also important to have when she was standing up in the tub. I looked all over, and this was the grippiest one I could find.


The Kapics said...

oh my goodness! that is so funny!

Jen said...

Oh my - the ducky is SOO cute! I'm sorry she's afraid. She is too precious.

Katy said...

I have not been able to catch up on blogs in a long time, but I had to read more when I saw your ducky tub update. I'm so glad she is liking it now, but man alive these pictures are so hilarious!!!