Monday, September 1, 2008

A few more random shots from Saturday

Now that Morgan sits herself up in her crib and plays a bit before she naps...anything can happen.

On Saturday this is how she fell asleep. After David took this picture he managed to ease her down onto the mattress without waking her up. He figured she might sleep better if she was lying down. :-)

Another nap I was checking in on the monitor to see if she'd fallen alseep. Sure enough she was sitting up, playing with the bumper again. A few minutes later I heard a frantic cry. I went in and Morgan was holding onto the crib bars on the outside of the bumper. She was leaned forward and apparently didn't have any leverage to push herself up and back into the crib. I lifted her up and laid her back onto the mattress and she immediately rolled over and fell asleep. She tired herself out!

Another cute shot in her Cal duds.

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