Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sick Day

We had a busy weekend! Unfortunately I was not feeling so good for much of it. Monday morning I made the call that I needed to get some sleep or I wasn't going to get any better. There is one good thing about having your child in daycare. She was feeling just fine, so she went to daycare for the day and Mommy got some uninterrupted sleep.

On Saturday we attended a Black Rock event. This was the open house for the season at the Club at Black Rock which was held at the new Kid's Camp, Kootenai Camp. It was so much fun! This facility is decked out with tons of fun kids activities, pool with waterslides, a lake for fishing, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, computers and video games, rock climbing wall. I could go on and on. I needed to do some interviews with the Club Members for PR/Marketing use, so I enlisted David and his interviewing skills. We got some great quotes and everyone just LOVED our little Morgan. Of course we enjoyed hearing how beautiful she is. She did great too! She spent a lot of time riding with Daddy in the Baby Bjorn, trying to grab his pen while he was writing. Towards the end of the party she even started to fall asleep in the Bjorn...it was time to go!

Father's Day was nice too. David will post more about it soon. It was a good day filled with love for the Greatest Daddy ever!

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