Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Bathtime Fun

We play a little game before Morgan's bath each night. David does the goofy part most of the time as it's my job is to get the bath ready while he undresses Morgan and gets her ready. As soon as David hears me finish filling the bathtub and turn off the water...he starts speaking to Morgan in a frantic voice "oh no, your bath is ready, we've got to get there before the water gets cold." He then carries her into the hallway and starts running down it, passing by the bathroom several times, naked baby in his arms...pretending he can't find it. I hear him saying to Morgan "where's mommy? She's waiting for us so you can have your bath and we can't find the bathroom, oh no, where is it?!"

We just crack up everytime. The person in the bathroom gets the best laugh watching the cute, naked baby flying by the bathroom door. We do have to admit, this is really for our entertainment more than hers. From the several times I've played the other part, running up and down the hallway with Morgan, she sort of looks at me blankly, like she's saying, "geez, they're doing this again. Just get me to my bath already." Also, lately she's just much more interested in getting her toes in her mouth. David and I laugh so much, I think we are still convinced that she's going to laugh along with us someday. It's really quite hilarious. Anyway, here's a few shots of bath time:

David running past the bathroom door. Notice naked baby with her feet in her mouth.

Now that Morgan is sitting better on her own, when we finish the washing part of her bath we "flip" her to the other side of the bathtub so she can play a little. She loves her princess ducky!

She's also learned to splash with her feet/legs. I tried to capture the splashes, but really just got some ripples. Check out the baby fat! She's got some rolls!

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