Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Mind of her Own

Here is some clear evidence that our sweet baby's temperment and personality is emerging:

*Diaper changes have now become a wrestling match. In fact, we've moved them to the floor of her room. As soon as we put her down she tries to turn over, many times quite successfully. We are constantly pulling the package of wipes out of her hands and sometimes one of us has to hold her down by her shoulders so all the appropriate cleaning and re-diapering can get done.

* We think we need some waterproof gear for baths now. She's started kicking vigorously once her body hits the water. Since Mommy usually washes her "lower body" area, she gets the brunt of the onslaught of water. Once she can sit up well we think one of us will join her (in a swimsuit - for possible photo ops) in the "big" bathtub.

* She has definitely learned how to get our attention. Well-timed, rather fake sounding coughs happen frequently when she is in moments of "distress" i.e. when she wants us to see her do something in her jumperoo and if we can't get her bottle in her mouth fast enough. Last night we were visiting with David's Aunt Trudy, Uncle Dan, Aunt Chris and Uncle Mike and Morgan started letting out these funny little "yelps" while we were all talking...and not talking about her.

* Her raspberries are often now signs of frustration for her. When she is put in her crib to nap or sleep for the night she plays around for a while. We listen to her on the monitor and are bound to hear lost of "raspberry-ing" before she nods off.

Overall she is so much fun!! We love watching her grow and learn...but can you slow it down...please?!

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Jen said...

How funny...the diaper changes are definitely a wrestling match now! And..Ryan does the fake cough too - it's hilarious!