Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Half Birthday!

Happy 6 Months old Sweet Baby Girl!

It's hard to believe that she's already 6 Months Old. Take a look at a few photos from our "photo shoot" this morning. She's such a wiggler now that it was hard to get her to sit and smile. Her smiles mostly showed her sticking out her tongue as well!

We also had her 6 Month check-up at the Pediatrician today. Here are her stats:

Weight: 17 lbs 3 oz (50-75th Percentile)
Length: 28 inches (90th Percentile)

As we knew, she is very long. She is already filling out (lengthwise, not width) a few of her 6-9 month sleepers. I've been rolling up the sleeves because her arms aren't as long...though you would be fooled by the long reach she has developed!

The doctor said she looked great! She even sat by herself for a few seconds on the exam table. The ear infection is clearing up nicely. She had her vaccinations and cried during them...but quieted very quickly when they were done. It probably helped that she already was on some Tylenol for the ear infection. We'll keep that going one more day in case she has any residual soreness.

We hope you enjoy the new pictures! We will have some more fun ones from our adventure with rice cereal the last two days. She hasn't been too thrilled with it yet, but the rice cereal is pretty bland. We think more came out of her mouth than was actually being swallowed. We got some really funny pictures. Check back soon!

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