Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy, Busy Bee!

We had a VERY busy weekend! Saturday night we went to the Shock game where the Shock clinched the Division title with an exciting last "second" win over the Central Valley Coyotes.

Sunday morning we had the privilege of attending the dedication of our favorite young man, Elijah. His Mom and Dad, Migdalia and Adam are great friends and we are loving watching our little ones "grow up" together. We spent some time at their home afterward and Elijah and Morgan had a great time playing together. They are both sitting up well, so they actually interacted a bit.

Wow, Elijah's got some cool toys!

What have we got in here?
It was HOT on Sunday...about 100 degrees! Later in the day we thought it would be fun to blow up Morgan's baby pool. Well, it's not really a pool...but it has lots of inflatable parts that you hook your hose up to and water spurts out all over.

Mommy, is it a dolphin?

Unfortunately the water was REALLY Morgan was not happy with us. Doesn't she look cute in her swimsuit though? And Mommy's striking a glamorous pose (totally unintentionally) in her new sunglasses.

Daddy, that water was COLD!!! I don't care how hot it is outside!

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Katy said...

Too funny! Morgan is so cute. She looks like she is having fun playing with her little friend!