Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cranky Pants

One of my only frustrations with new motherhood so far (and I knew this would be difficult) is figuring out what is wrong when Morgan is upset. Much of the time it is obvious. She lets us know when she is hungry (she eats around every 4 hours during the day), has a poopy diaper (the stink comes after the big red-faced grunts) or gets bored (she'll "whine" when she's been doing something too long, like the jumperoo, playing on the floor or in her play yard). But... there are times when she's upset and we have no idea why.

So...our little Boo Boo Girl has been a cranky pants the last few days and I just can't figure it out. On Tuesday night David was feeding her some rice cereal and squash and she'd suddenly start crying with the big tears coming down her face. Yesterday I made my usual mid-day call to the daycare and they said she was fine now, but she'd just had a brief screaming episode that sounded like she was in pain. It started, then abruptly stopped and now she was playing on the floor and smiling. Huh?

Last night I got her home and she was just fussy no matter what I did with her. I put her in her high chair while I did some things in the kitchen...whine, whine. I held her on my lap...wiggle wiggle, whine, whine. I put her in the jumperoo...same result. I finally decided she must be tired as she hadn't napped much that day. We did her bath and her bottle as usual. She got all sleepy, but when I got her in the crib she woke right up and started screaming hysterically. I let her cry it out a bit, but finally went in and rocked her until she got sleepy again. As soon as I put her in the crib and left the room she started screaming again. Luckily she was so exhausted this time she fell asleep within a few minutes.

There is always the "teething" question. This has been a question since she was 3-4 months old. I check her gums and there is no redness, swelling or bumps to indicated any teeth are iminent. She's been on her second antibiotic for a week, so maybe that's making her feel "off." I'll be glad when that's done in a few days.

Sometimes I have to chalk it up to a "phase." Everything is a phase...once you get the hang of one, they move on to another. Anyone else have some ideas for me? I'm open to suggestions...


The Kapics said...

Meg - Fletcher just hit the "cranky pants" phase too. He is usually my easy going baby but he's been so fussy too. Same as you - no sign of teething. I have no idea what has hit him but he's been cranky for about a week. Let me know if anyone clues you into what's going on with our children!

Jen said...

Has she ever had an ear infection? I know Ryan has had a couple that were otherwise symtomless - no fever - no other cold symptoms, but he's a happy boy so when he gets whiney like that or cries when we lay him down (it hurts their ears more that way), we get his little ears checked. Hope she perks up soon!