Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fun with Rice Cereal

We've finally started some solid foods!! Rice cereal is the most common food to start with (and least to cause any possible allergic reaction), so we decided to jump in last Thursday after work. We've been thinking Morgan was ready because she's been very curious about what we eat and she often imitates us eating. Here's how the first attempt went down:

Here comes the spoon!

What do I do with this?

Morgan and Mommy

We think more came out than went in

Daddy gives it a try

We're done for now

We've tried again each night and she seems to be slowly getting the hang of it. Of course, the rice cereal is about the most bland food ever, so we're looking forward to trying some sweet potatoes on Sunday night. We hope that she might be more excited about something that tastes good!

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