Monday, February 9, 2009

Standing Queen

She's not yet dancing, but she's definitely standing! A few nights ago she surprised us with standing on her own (for longer than she's ever done before) right before her bath. She was standing next to the big tub watching the water fill up her inflatable ducky tub. She got impatient near the end and started trying to take the diaper off herself...with both hands! She just stood there messing with the tabs. David and I held our breath and she kept working at it. After a decent amount of time we helped her with the diaper and put her in the tub.

Then last night we had some play time between dinner and her bath and she was standing all over the place! We'd give her toys to hold and tempt her with her favorites...the TV remote and toy cell phone. The best was when we put the camera up on the arm of the couch and she took two steps on her own to try to get it!! Incentives...we need incentives.

Check this out! She's almost as tall as I when I'm sitting!

She had another first yesterday too...peanut butter!! I've been short on meal offerings lately and finally decided I had to get over my fear of allergies and let her have some peanut butter. David and I really have no known allergies ourselves, so we've been told that she probably won't have any problems, but I still was nervous. I was eating some pretzels with peanut butter for a snack and gave her a taste or two. After about 15 minutes...and no anaphylactic shock, I decided she was probably OK. Get this...she ate a whole Eggo waffle with peanut butter on it for lunch (cut into pieces of course)! She was a little stickier than usual at clean-up time, but we're excited that we've gotten past this hurdle. Next is chocolate! Yum!

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The Kapics said...

How exciting! She'll be walking soon!