Thursday, February 5, 2009

Daddy's Coming Home Tonight!

Morgan's been saying Da-do and Da-da a lot more today. I think she's wondering when Daddy will be home. I tell her he's coming tonight and she seems satisfied with my answer. We've been talking on the phone with him a few times a day and Daddy sings Old MacDonald to her. I think she gets it that it's him on the other end.

I'm proud that we have made it through this long 5 days without Daddy. Not that I thought we wouldn't, but I figured I would be much more exhausted at this point. I did have a coffee drink this morning, so that might be playing some tricks on me that will hit me later.

Oh, that's a story in itself. Long ago, I was addicted to Frozen Lattes at the House of Coffee in Burlingame. That's way back when I was just a few years out of school and working in management at Baby long ago. The coffee shop has changed hands many times, but it must have been in the contract somewhere to keep the Frozen Lattes because they still have them. I think I got one on a trip or two ago. Anyway, from time to time I wonder if something like that exists here. Morgan and I were walking the mall this morning and I wandered into a Thomas Hammer coffee shop. I spied something from outside that looked maybe like they had those "granita" machines that makes the drink icy, not just blended like Starbucks does with Frapuccinos. That how the House of Coffee made their Frozen Lattes. I hit the jackpot! They had two flavors and one tasted JUST like the one in Burlingame. I'm in for it now. I might have to start asking for Thomas Hammer gift cards now.

I digress...we can't wait for David to come home! He's had a good and productive trip and I'm sure he can't wait to sleep in his own bed. I've also been lagging on new Morgan pictures, so I promise I'll be working on that as well!

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