Friday, February 20, 2009

Mystery Virus

The Doctor said Morgan has some kind of virus (several are going around), but at this point it is hard to tell which. All we can do is give her lots of fluids and watch her for fever, worsening cough or any other new symptoms. She also said it could just get better, but it could last up to a few weeks. Ugh.

We had a rough night last night because once Morgan would settle down a cough would wake her up. I tried to take her to our bed, to try to get her to sleep elevated on a pillow, but she wouldn't sleep. She likes to keep changing positions in her sleep (as we've observed on the monitor), but that doesn't work when she kicks Mommy in the ribs or elbows her in the head. Ouch! At about midnight it was back to her crib, but we had to endure hourly wake-ups and lots of fussing.

I'm trying to get her to nap now. She's got to be soooo tired! She only napped for 45 minutes yesterday and slept terribly last night, yet she's still wiggling around and "talking" to herself. We'll keep at it. The girl's got to get some rest!

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