Saturday, February 21, 2009

BIG little Continued

I know you are all on pins and needles to continue the "BIG little" discussion. Sorry we got interrupted by some sickness. Poor Morgan is whining pitifully in her crib right now. She really needs to nap, but for some reason will not. I just gave her a dose of ibuprofen, so that might help. On top of her virus she is getting a few of her first molars. That's got to hurt. That might explain some of the extra runny nose and drooling going on. She's getting it from all sides.

Below are a few more pages from our BIG little book. Morgan LOVES this book! I think she likes the bright colors. She was crying in the bonus room this morning and I looked over the couch to see her peeking underneath it, trying to retrieve her lost book. She was very happy when I got it out for her and babbled away as she paged through it.

A few pages after the "Ladies" page we have "Grownups are BIG" and "Babies are little". Now, these "grownups" are not "big" like the "Lady" was. Actually the lady in this picture is quite skinny.

Another fair comparison. Yes, cakes are bigger than cupcakes.

Another good comparison...trucks are MUCH bigger than tricycles.
So, only point is that I suppose someone liked the play on "Ladies" vs. "Ladybugs." But, why did the lady need to be large as well? And wearing an unflattering "ladybug-like" print on her shirt? I don't think I really find it offensive, but every time I read it to Morgan that comparison both annoys AND amuses me. It just seems odd to me compared to the other examples. What do you think?


barbara said...

I agree Meg, it is a very poor example.

Berri said...

The lady looks not only BIG but OLD. Maybe OLD ladies are BIG in the illustrator's mind.