Monday, February 23, 2009

Bye Bye Binky

David and I made a spontaneous decision this weekend to have Morgan not just wean, but go totally cold turkey from her "wubby" (binky/pacifier). She has had this terrible cold virus that kept her from using it anyway, as her nose is so plugged up, so we thought just take advantage of the opportunity. The last couple of days/nights have been hard for many reasons. Her cold, cough and her 1st molars coming in have already made her pretty miserable. We hate to throw this on top of it, but she really couldn't use the wubby anyway.

I'm a little sad. She really grew to like it and it helped her sleep better. The pediatrician said she could use until she was two, but that seemed a little long to me. I'm also concerned about it affecting the alignment of her front teeth too. She already has a chip in one of them that looks a little odd. It was time. Poor girl is having a really hard time going down for her nap right now, but that could be for several reasons. I hope she sleeps...she is so tired.

Please pray that we see improvement the next few days on all counts. We're all pretty exhausted, and I've got some serious cabin fever. We did go for a ride in the car today which helped and Morgan could get some scenery other than our bonus/playroom.

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