Friday, February 6, 2009

The One Nap Baby

I'm kind of sad to say this, but I think we've officially switched to one nap a day. My baby's growing up! Can you believe she's 14 months old already! I know we are on the right track with this because when I put her down for that nap at about 1:30 each day she is ready for it. I mean, minimal messing around in the crib, she falls right asleep. Most days she'll sleep for about 2 hours, but the last two days she slept for 2.5 hours! Some of the time I nap along with her and other days I try to get some things done like cleaning or blogging.

It actually makes the mornings easier too because we don't have to work around that early nap. I can plan a trip to the gym or do some errands and she is awake and enjoying it. We make sure to be back by lunchtime and then it's time for the afternoon nap. The day goes really quickly.

She's such a big girl!! Like I said, I'm a little sad, but it also shows she's right on track with this developmental stage. Now we've just got to get her walking...

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