Monday, February 16, 2009

Dropping and Throwing

Morgan has a few new stated above. Sometimes it's cute, but sometimes it really makes me batty, especially at mealtimes.

When Morgan first started dropping food from her highchair we considered it a phase. She liked to see what happened as the food fell to the floor. Now it's much more deliberate and sometimes she'll do kind of an overhand thing that is an actual throw instead of just dropping it. When this happens it's mostly at the end of the meal and we know she's probably full. Then we just end the meal, no big deal. Lately it's come at all times during the meal. I'm considering making the move from the highchair to a booster at the table of some kind as I've heard this might help. She also likes to bang her head against the back of the highchair...but that's a whole other post. It might be time to ditch the highchair for several reasons.

The last few days Morgan has enjoyed throwing everything out of her play yard and her crib. I put her in the play yard with a bunch of toys when I take showers. As I am enjoying a brief relaxation under the hot water I can hear various thumps and thuds as each of the toys are tossed to the floor. I'll peek out of the shower and see her either looking over the edge at the recently dropped item, or picking up another one to toss. Today after her nap I went in her room to find her blanket, lovey and wubbanub (pacifier) on the floor in front of the crib. The funny thing is that once she throws it all out she wants it back. She'll be leaning over the rail trying her best to reach out to get her toys, or at least to indicate to me that she wants them. Nice try baby. Once they're out, they're out.

Toys are getting tossed around our bonus room too. While we're playing, blocks, stuffed animals and books are not just put aside when she is done, they are tossed or thrown aside. I don't know what this is about. It's pretty funny to watch though.

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