Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snowblower Guy

There is a new character around our house since the snow starting flying. I call him Snowblower Guy. He pops out of bed early...usually it is to the sound of the neighborhood snowblower. There are actually two snowblowers on our block, one electric and the other gas powered. Snowblower Guy is especially in tune to the sound of the gas powered one that lives next door. This morning he peeked out the window and spied it at work. He said "I'm going to go out and shovel the driveway...and since I hear the snowblower maybe I'll get to use that too." And off he went!

This morning Snowblower Guy was outside for over two hours. Every time I peeked out the window he was in a different neighbor's driveway or working on the sidewalks. That is something great that has happened with all the snow we've had this year...many of our neighbors within a four house radius all help each other out. We borrow each others shovels (I think ours has been at the house across the street for about a week now), snowblowers and if someone is out of town we make sure their driveways/sidewalks/walkways don't get too snowy. I was especially grateful for this when David was out of town when we got our first huge storm about two weeks ago.

I think the secret is that Snowblower Guy really enjoys the social part of the neighboorhood snow clearing...he gets to keep up with all the latest details and hang with the guys. Once he walks out the garage door I'm not sure when he's coming back...but he enjoys it...and enjoying something that most people think is an annoying chore is a big bonus! We hope Snowblower Guy stays in service as long as the weather keeps calling!

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Ali Rae said...

Go snowblower guy! Go - go!