Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Sorry I'm so behind on new posts. We've been busy with birthday stuff and I actually forgot all about my blog. So distracted.

Here's a few tidbits from the last few days:

* Morgan had her first childcare meltdown since she was 4 months old. I went to my every-other-Tuesday bible study at church yesterday. Morgan has been so great in the childcare there as well as at church on Sundays. Everyone always comments on how good she is. She just plays and doesn't cry. We'll that all ended yesterday. I walked in the room after our group and one of the caregivers was holding her. She looked like she'd been crying already, but as soon as she saw me she burst into tears! I took her from the caregiver and she whined and cried for a little while longer. I also felt terrible because I was about to leave again. Our small group planned a lunch that day, so she would have to stay a few more hours. I got her calmed down a bit, but as soon as I had to go she started to cry again. All I could do was leave my cell phone number and go. Luckily I didn't get any calls and apparently she calmed down. When I came back she cried a little, but not as much as before. It could be the start of some separation anxiety.

* We've been doing a little practicing at blowing out candles prior to the birthday party. David and I were shocked that on the second time we tried it, she did it! We demonstrated for her a few times with the candles so she could see how to do it. I also blew gently in her face a little, so she got the idea of blowing the air out of her mouth. Much of the time she tries to touch the flame...not so good, but she has managed to blow it out a few times. We'll keep practicing. Who knows what will happen with a bunch of people watching her?

* Morgan LOVES her milk! We've been successful at switching to whole milk in a sippy cup for all meals. I think tonight will be the last bottle of formula at bedtime. Then we'll do milk in the bottle, until we decide to stop the bottle. I'm going to see what the pediatrician recommends at her appointment on Monday. I think we've done great getting her down to one bottle at this point. I think it might be harder on me than her to stop the last bottle. She's still a little baby! I'm just afraid that if we don't drop all bottles soon, she'll get too attached. And after that it will be on to weaning the pacifier from naps and bedtime. Ugh.

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