Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Bottle-less Baby

Tonight we quit the bottle...hopefully for good. For a few weeks now, Morgan has been down to one bottle a day, before bed. I dragged my feet on this for a few weeks after her Dr. appointment. It just breaks my heart to know my baby is so big she doesn't need a bottle anymore. Sniff sniff.

I decided it was going to be harder on me than her so I set a deadline for tonight to change the routine. We did her normal bath time routine. After we put on her jammies, we turned down the lights and I sat with her in the glider. I gave her a sippy cup with her milk instead of the bottle. While she sipped David read her a few stories, then we sang a few Christmas songs. Finally we turned the lights all the way off, had kisses and prayers and in the crib she went. She took a little while longer than usual to fall asleep, but she wasn't upset. Possibly it was because she had a late nap today.

Eventually the sippy cup will go too, but we thought it was a good transition from the bottle (as suggested by the doctor). One more hurdle jumped...we hope, as I hear her stirring in the other room. Sleep baby sleep...

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