Monday, December 15, 2008

Hunkering Down

Morgan and Mommy are hunkering down at home for a few days. It's COLD here! Now, I know it's not Minnesota or North Dakota cold, but not too far off. The high today is supposed to be 6 and the low -2. The next two days will be colder, with lows to 10 below. This cold snap is going to last a week, but the next few days will be the coldest. The worst part is the wind...the newscast just said, depending where you are, it can feel up to -20 degrees! The wind at night makes me feel like one of the three pigs who are waiting for the big bad wolf to blow their house down.

It was cold yesterday too. We went to church and then did a few errands. At one store we took a quick walk from the car into the store and Morgan's face was blotchy red by the time we got inside. That's when we decided to stay put at home for a bit. I'm sure I'll be stir crazy by Wednesday, though. Maybe a quick walk a few houses down to the neighbor's house will be a good outing?

We got our Christmas tree on Saturday! Actually David braved the cold tree lot to pick it out. It's a sweet little noble fir. We have the lights on and are working on the to come.

Here are a few shots of Morgan from her bath time last night. Instead of the bathroom "fly-by" we've been letting her stand by the tub and watch it fill up. We think she had enough of the fly-by because lately she's become kind of impatient with it. She's so cute as she bangs her hands on the side of the tub and bends her knees in anticipation.

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