Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas Day

We had an excellent Christmas Day here. It was tough to choose pictures because we took so many, but here's basically how the morning/afternoon went in our household.

Oooh! Pretty tree! Do you like my Christmas jammies? They say "Santa's Favorite".

Is this for me?!

Pretty ducky from Great Aunt Berri... it quacks too!

Pop beads from Grandma and Grandpa B! I love them!

Is that an angel I see?

That's pretty too!

I think I want to eat it...

Not fair Mommy! I wanted to eat it!

Post-tantrum: Pretty clothes and something furry from Gramma and Grampa A

Ooh! It's soft...

Oops! We almost forgot the stockings!

My very own ornament!

Mmm...this wreath tastes good!

Look at all my loot! If you look VERY closely, you will see TWO Cal cheerleading outfits, one from cousins Jamie and Regan and one from Grandma and Grandpa B. I'm set for a while!


And another one, just because she's SOOO cute!
We had some friends over for a yummy dinner that night. Overall it was nice and relaxing. Who knows where we'll be next year? We'd love to get away from the cold/snow and see family, but traveling around the holidays is always stressful. Sigh. Well, we've got another year to figure it out.
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day!

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