Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Still working on those party pictures...

...in the meantime, Morgan has a new "trick." It's actually not that new as she's been doing it for a few weeks. I can't believe I haven't posted about it yet, but it's about time.

We consider Morgan's first word to be "duck." When she says it, it sounds like "duh." She first said it in the bathtub when playing with her rubber duckies. I also like to sing the song "Old MacDonald" to her a lot. She is fascinated with this song and will always stop what she's doing to listen. It comes in handy when she is trying to grab the remote or something else mischevious.

Somewhere along the way she connected the ducky in the bathtub to the duck in the song. As you know, in the song you have a choice of animals to say when the time comes and I use duck a lot because it is easy to make the "quack quack" sounds. I don't like the animals like a horse or a sheep where it's hard to make their sounds. I do them every once in a while, but not too often.

Well...not too long ago when singing this song I noticed she was saying "duh" while I was singing it. I really can't remember how this happened, but now when we sing "and on that farm he had a..." then you say the name of the animal, she says "duh." Most of time it was right on time with the song too! She also punctuates the end of the verse by saying "duh" again. Too cute! And the kicker is that now when she wants you to sing Old MacDonald she says "duh" "duh" "duh" until you start singing, then she gets the biggest smile on her face! She also just got a farm themed "see and say" toy for her birthday that has Old MacDonald on it. She does the same thing with the recorded music and says "duh" when it gets to that point in the song.

We still don't believe this, but David and I found ourselves demonstrating this skill in the doctor's office yesterday. Our pediatrician is really nice and we thought she'd get a kick out of it. She said we needed to videotape it...unfortunately we only have video on our camera, but we might give it a try.

So for now Morgan really only has interest in the ducks on Old MacDonald's farm. Every time I try another animal she just keeps saying "duh." Hopefully she'll learn some other animal sounds someday.

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Katy said...

This is so cute! Don't you just love watching her learn new things? What a smart girl! As a side note, Sam loves duck songs too, especially the one about "the one little duck with feathers on his back, he led the others with his quack quack quack!"