Friday, December 12, 2008

Lunch Battle

We had an unexpected battle of wills at lunch today. Morgan ate quite a bit of her veggie burger to start with. This was good. When we got to the dessert (read: fruit) portion of the meal I paused for a bit. I've been having a dilemma about fruit lately. She's been eating a lot of applesauce, but I'd like her to eat more actual pieces of fruit. Grapes cut into quarters are good, so today I though I'd try a little fruit cocktail. Who doesn't like fruit cocktail?

Well...Morgan doesn't like fruit cocktail...or at least not yet. Every piece I put on her tray was smooshed around or tossed overboard. Every piece I managed to get in her mouth was spit out. I think if she'd tried to chew it she would have liked it, but she didn't get that far. We'll try again tomorrow. Today we went back to the applesauce.

I also realized today that I need to re-address taking "bites." I though Morgan "got" this because she used to take little bites of everything, even her puffs. I gave her a graham cracker (rectangle shaped piece) and she proceed to try to shove it ALL in her mouth. Yikes! I grabbed it away from her and broke it in half, still thinking she'd try to take a bite of it, but no...all of it disappeared into her mouth. I stood closely by to see if she gagged or choked, but she managed to swallow all of it as well as the other piece on her tray. I broke the rest of the cracker into smaller pieces, but resolved to work on "bites" moving forward. Silly girl!

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