Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby Bookworm

Lately Morgan has been very into her books. She can often be found sitting on the floor paging through them, forward, then backwards...sometimes looking at them upside down. In the picture below she is looking at her "Good Night San Francisco" book given to her by her Aunt Ali. Can you see the page with Lombard Street?

Tonight when we were doing the bedtime routine Morgan was sitting on my lap and David was reading the stories. He didn't always hold up the book for her to see. This annoyed her a bit because she'd stop drinking her sippy cup of milk and lean over to see the book. Whenever we finish the stories she always looks at the pile of books as if to say "read another one!"

When I read to her before naps she likes to turn the pages. I have to be stealthy about it though and not actually make the page "available" to turn until I'm almost done with the words. If I hook my finger in the next page too soon she'll grab it and turn it before I'm ready.

We're glad she is enjoying the stories and hope she continues to develop a love for reading.

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