Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scattered Schedules

I just told my sister that I think I dreamt that I posted something yesterday. I was actually surprised when I went to my blog this morning and there was the Sunday post there and not a Monday one. This is how scattered I am lately.

I am such an organized person...OK, maybe a control-freak, that I try to force everything into a pattern or schedule of some kind. This worked for me when I was working. I had to get Morgan to daycare on time...then I could control my time. The daycare dealt with her daytime activities. Now that I am home, it's a different story. I am finally realizing that babies don't work that way. Or, at least mine doesn't. Yes, some form of a schedule is important for all children, but it doesn't need to be as rigid as I think it should be. I desperately want Morgan to be predictable, and she just isn't. I want her to wake up at the same time each morning, to take naps at regular times (for a defined amount of time), and for her to eat at the same times each day. Other babies seem to do this, why doesn't mine? The only thing that is predictable is that she goes to sleep more or less at 8:00 pm each night. Some babies are like clockwork, mine is not.

We are getting some longer naps out of her though. This morning she napped for 1.5 hours and she's on 1.5 hours as I write this...but, she did wake up at 4:30 this morning. She didn't finish her bottle last night, so I was afraid she'd wake up early and she did. We've also got a cold and more teething working against us. It's always something.

That aside, I think we are getting closer to some kind of schedule now that I am home. It just has wiggle-room in it. I'm learning to be OK with that. Every time I look at her I am reminded how amazing she is and how lucky I am to have her, even if she doesn't do everything my way. I think we can find a "happy" medium in there.

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The Kapics said...

Meg - where did you get your baby food making tray? i was just going to use ice cube trays but yours looks more fancy. also, where did you find your "magic bullet?" i'm going to start making food this week!