Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Milestones

Morgan managed to do two brand new things on Thursday morning within about an hour of each other. When the milestones come, they come fast and furious. Morgan's friend Taylor was visiting yesterday while her Mommy had an interview. She brought over a fun new toy to play with and Morgan was fascinated!!

The toy has all kinds of buttons that play music and teach things like colors and shapes. Morgan pulled herself up to her knees this time. This also shows you how big Morgan is. Taylor is THREE months OLDER than Morgan. She's on the smaller end of the scale, but wow!

After a outfit change, I sat her down in front of it again and next thing I knew she pulled herself up all the way to standing! There's Taylor about to crawl into another area I haven't baby-proofed yet. Sigh. The girls had fun.

Once she stood up, Morgan's feet stayed like this. Not so stable yet, rather funny though.

Next, it was nap time. I put Morgan in her crib and about five minutes later I looked at the video monitor to see her head MUCH closer to the camera than usual. I went in the room and this is what I found!

She looked a little stunned, wondering how she did this...and what she should do now.

I can't remember if I lied her back down, but she managed to take a decent nap after this. What a big girl!

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