Monday, July 12, 2010

Spirit Lake

Our area has a ton of beautiful lakes. That's something I did not appreciate so much growing up, since I was so used to the bay and ocean being the closest bodies of water. Many people here have second homes on lakes and rivers and spend much of the summer there. It is great fun for the kids.

Our spontaneous friends Amy and Trevor asked us Saturday morning if we wanted to head up to Spirit Lake, about 40 minutes Northeast of us in Idaho. After a bit of contemplation we decided to ditch our regimented selves (the ones who adhere to toddlers and baby's nap times) and go for it!

We found a small strip of sand next to a "resort" (in quotes because this resort was neither large, nor luxurious), slathered the girls with sunscreen and waded in.

Morgan and Taylor getting their sunscreen on

The resort manager gave Morgan a "Dum Dum" was coconut flavored

Piper patiently waiting her turn

Spirit Lake

Amy and Piper

Morgan, David and Taylor in her tube

Morgan LOVED the water! She had to be held back to get her sunscreen on. She waded right in, not bothered by the cold at all. Long after the rest of us were done, she would keep going back in saying "Mama water too!" over and over until I went in with her. Piper cried for a while when her chubby toes hit the cold water, but with some gradual dipping and swishing she adjusted and did a little kicking and splashing.

Trevor wading in (it was cold at first dip, but warmed up)

Morgan and me

Piper sitting pretty

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Looks like a fun spontaneous day!