Thursday, July 22, 2010

Portland - Part One

We had a FABULOUS trip to Portland last weekend! I was anticipating issues with lots of things, the drive, sleeping, just how the girls would do outside of their regular routine, etc. Yes, we had a few challenges and came home exhausted, but in the end it was well worth it. Here's part one of our journey and visit:

Stopping at Subway in the Tri-Cities on the way down. We found that stopping every two hours for food/snacks and diaper changes worked well. Morgan is saying..."where's my milk?"

Enjoying the drive with Mr. Bear. This bear was a great entertainer for both kids. It really saved the day...thanks neighbors!

OK, this was the one major meltdown on the trip down. We made the mistake of stopping at a rest area right next to the Columbia River. Morgan thought we were going swimming and was extremely disappointed we made her get back in the car without a dip. A little time playing with Mama's iPhone helped, but she was still a little pissed. It didn't help that she didn't nap at all on the ride.

The arrival at (Great) Aunt Anne and Uncle Bruce's house was met with a rocking horse for Morgan to ride on. I think we took this picture the next day, but she was on that horse as soon as we arrived and many times each day during our stay.

Aunt Anne had some great advice from her friends to empty out a bottom drawer in the kitchen and put some plastic, colorful items in for Piper to play with. She made a beeline to it and had a great time!

There is a gorgeous park close to Anne and Bruce's house. Of course when Morgan saw the swings she was in heaven! We tried to get her to play on the other equipment and slides with not much luck.

Relaxin' with Uncle Bruce and cousin Sara. We enjoyed having several visits catching up with Sara too.

On Friday afternoon David and I were able to get away for a few hours during Morgan and Piper's naps (thanks Anne and Bruce!). David suggested the Ponzi Vineyard in Beaverton. It was a great idea! It was such a beautiful day and the vineyard was lovely.

These are bocce ball courts. Wouldn't that be fun to bring out a group of friends, share a bottle of wine and snacks?!

Thanks Aunt Anne and Uncle Bruce for being so generous with your time and letting us stay at your beautiful home. We LOVED seeing you and watching you get to know our girls. We'll be back again, we promise!
Stay tuned for Part Two...

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Anonymous said...

We are certainly glad you made the trip! Glad you got a chance to visit with family and see us :)