Friday, July 9, 2010

Let's get physical

We got Morgan's physical therapy progress report yesterday. She's shown some great improvement! She is now within the "average range," still on the lower average side, but no longer in the "delayed" category. Yippee! This makes more sense to me, even with regard to her original evaluation. I know she walked later (still within the range of "normal") and may not be as agile as other kids, but I never thought she would qualify for therapy. We originally approached Early Intervention in regard to her speech/communication and I was surprised to see how low she scored on her motor skills.

That said, I think the therapy has helped her a great deal. She's improved climbing up and down stairs using both legs (she favored one side previously). She's improved her balance as well as her hand-eye coordination. We have a progress meeting with her EI coordinator in two weeks. With these results I'm not sure if she qualifies for therapy (as least as covered by the state) in this area any longer. We'll see what the coordinator says.

The only progress report I am waiting for is from the speech therapist. Morgan has really steadily improved in this area and continues to meet goals. I just don't know overall where she is at and what will be recommended as next steps at this point. All will be revealed soon!

Here are some shots of Morgan going "round and round" the kitchen with her doll stroller. This cracks me up because my parents have home movies of my sister and I doing this at Morgan's age.

Here she is...

...there she goes!

Around the corner

Making sure her "baby" is OK

And around the other side... and around again!

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Anonymous said...

Great update! Good job Morgan :)