Saturday, July 24, 2010

Portland - Part Three

We had been telling Morgan all week that we were going to the Zoo that weekend. We went to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle a year ago and she wasn't all that interested. We were curious to see how she would do this time. The Oregon Zoo in Portland was beautiful! The kids had a great time and Morgan did seem to enjoy seeing the animals this time.

The eagle's nest

Checking out some fish with Daddy

In the farm exhibit

As tall as a polar bear?

Three girls and a hippo
After the Zoo fun and a nice nap (whew, they were exhausted!) we headed down to West Linn to see our friends Bob and Danielle. We knew Bob and Dani from our Golden Gate Community Church days in San Francisco. Dani had grown up in West Linn and they moved there about the same time David and I moved to Spokane. We had a wonderful time catching up and spending time with their two boys Nate and Cody. We wish we could have had more time with them.

Who are you? Says Nate.

Of course Morgan has to check out all the new toys

Nate flirting with Piper

This was a crack up! Morgan and Cody playing with their Mama's phones...techno kids

Bob, Cody and Danielle...Nate-Nate had gone Night-Night
What a great trip! I think we will be making it an annual jaunt. Now we are preparing for a trip to California in less than a week. Yikes! This trip was good prep for the next one...and this one will include flying with two kiddos. Wish us luck!

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