Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ice Cream!!!

I was so proud of Morgan for her good progress reports last week! I decided on Friday that she deserved an ice cream treat. We don't give her a lot of sweets at home, so something like this is a real special event for her.
During my pregnancies I started a "tradition", well, more a "habit" of giving myself a treat of a Cappuccino Blast at Baskin-Robbins once a week. Sometimes David gets one for me when he's out on his sales calls, but every once in a while I take both girls with meto the store. This time we walked in and Morgan immediately started saying "please, please, please..." over and over. I think she'd figured out what they sell there. I told her to sit down at a table and I presented her with a cup of vanilla ice cream... sorry no bright blue, bubble-gum ice cream for this kid. We'd like to avoid that for as long as possible. Ick.
She did so well eating it all by herself! Only once did she get too big of a bite. It was so cute, she scrunched her eyes together real tight...I can only imagine the possible "brain freeze" she was experiencing. Once she finished, she pointed at the candy toppings and said "please, please, please" again. We've gotten to know the owner a bit since we're regulars and she was so sweet and let Morgan have a few gummy bears. Then Morgan didn't want to leave the store. I gently coaxed her out, promising a few sips of my Blast. No worries, she had a great nap that day.
Oh, and she kept saying "3", "1" several times while we were there. It took me a minute to realize she was saying 3,1 for 31, thirty-one flavors. Too funny!

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