Saturday, September 19, 2009

Snuggle Puppy

We have a favorite book in our house. It is a Sandra Boynton book called "Snuggle Puppy." Morgan especially loves it before bedtime because the way the book is written you have to sing it instead of just read it. It has always made her smile and laugh. This week she started singing it with us!! A few months ago she started saying the word "this" when we got to that line in the book (" goes something like THIS...") So cute. Now we've graduated to singing too! There are a lot of drawn-out "OOOOs" and she sings the "OOOO" right along with us, or on her own if we prompt her to do it. She also either says the word "kiss" or offers us her cheek at the part where we give her a kiss. She also seems to have good pitch when she sings too. She'll imitate just the tone and note you sing to her. She does this when she says "choo choo" for a train sound too. For some reason I would always say "choo choo" in a sing-song voice when we were learning what sounds things make. Now she says it in the same voice I do, kind of higher pitched and drawn-out a bit. I love hearing it every time.

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