Thursday, September 24, 2009

Big Sister Fun

Morgan is enjoying being a big sister to Piper. Every chance she gets she'll "help" rock Piper in her swing, car seat or give her lots of hugs and kisses. About once a day she goes into "bad girl" mode and hits Piper (mostly if I'm trying to feed her under a nursing cover) or she'll slap at Mama a little. She knows when she is in trouble because she puts herself in "time out." I think we might have to change our "time out" strategy, it doesn't work as well as we would like at this point.

We came home from a few of Piper's appointments today (all went well!) and kept her in her car seat because she was sleeping so nicely. Morgan rocked Piper...a little too vigorously, so I kept saying "be gentle." Then she was just so cute that I got out the camera. Here's what happened next...

Oh, Mama's got the camera on me!

Now I'll run down the hallway and "roll over"...maybe Mama will come and tickle me

OK, she's still got the camera. I'll run towards her and smile real big!!
Such a little goof!!! We love our big girl!


barbara said...

You made our day...sooo cute.

Berri said...

Morgan looks so grown up now! Love you all!