Friday, September 18, 2009

It is a miracle!

The Miracle Blanket, that is. We decided to put it into action last night. We had used it with Morgan starting fairly early and it helped her sleep better and longer. It swaddles them up good and tight with their arms by their sides. Then they don't wake themselves with their spontaneous arm movements and they feel all warm, cozy and somewhat like they felt in the womb.

Piper had a rough time last eveing. She's really come into a fussy phase and has a hard time transitioning from awake to sleeping. As you saw in the previous post, we've put the swaddle, Jr. and the swing unto use...but night-time is another story. I want her to get the idea that once she's in the miracle blanket, it's time for a long sleep, so it will only be used at night and she will sleep in her bassinet. Prior to this (for various reasons) she had been sleeping on me in bed...but this was never a long-term plan. She also started waking up more often, so it wasn't working anyway. She's also a sweaty little bugger too.

As I was saying, she was having a fussy time last night. We went to our church small group and she basically cried the whole time, when she wasn't eating. We wondered when we got home whether we'd be able to get her to go to sleep. Finally at about 11 pm she seemed close nodding off. We wrapped her up in the miracle blanket and put her in the bassinet. Within ten minutes she was asleep!

Here's the kicker, she didn't fully wake up until 5 am!! That's 6 hours!! She started making some small "hungry sounds" around 3 I didn't sleep from then on since I was convinced she was waking up any minute. She didn't truly make her hungry cries until just before 5 am. Lucky David had earplugs in so he slept fine! Overall this was a great night though. We'll see if it it might have been a fluke, but we know the potential is there. Good job Piper!!

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