Sunday, September 27, 2009

Piper is One Month Old!

Piper is one month old today! Somehow it seems like it has flown by, but sometimes it seems to have really crawled along...I think that's what waking several times a night does to you. At least we know that this is the hardest part and soon we will all be sleeping longer and better.
I took these pictures this morning and she just looks HUGE to me! She has grown a lot in a short period of time. She looks smaller when you see Morgan next to her, but she's still a chunky monkey. I suspect she'll be like Morgan, always at the top of the percentile charts.

Check out those cheeks...and the crazy hair! You can't tell from these pics, but I think her eyes may stay blue.

Tried to get some pictures with big sis Morgan, but neither were very cooperative.

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