Monday, September 28, 2009

On our own

Well, mostly. David is working from home today, so I have a little help when he can take a break. Grandma and Papa A left early this sad. They were amazing to come and stay with us for 3.5 weeks to help out. Such a gift!!

So, here's how the day has gone so far. David made breakfast for Morgan while I fed Piper. Then we joined them and I managed to eat a piece of toast (yay!). Then David offered to take Morgan on an errand, so I got to shower! Piper only screamed a little while I was finishing, much better than I though she'd do. Then Morgan and Daddy were home. A few diaper changes later, I was playing with Morgan in the bonus room and Piper was in and out of sleep in the swing. Idyllic, right?

Then I got this bright idea to go to Target. There were a few things we needed and I decided the timing was just right between feedings to make the trip. I had not yet been on an errand with both girls all by myself. The anticipation of it was getting worse, so I decided to just do it. David was surprised when I came out to put Morgan in the car and followed up with Piper in her carseat (he was organizing his work products in the garage). I got everyone loaded up and off we went. On the way there I realized I hadn't packed a diaper bag, but luckily we didn't need it. Next time I'll try to remember...

At the store I put Morgan in the seat in the front of the cart and Piper went in her carseat in the cart itself. Luckily we didn't need to buy anything large so this worked. I'm still anticipating the first trip to the grocery store...I think David's going to have to brave that one with me (or my sister, Ali who is visiting this weekend). We will need two carts...definitely. So...There was only a little crying in the store, by both kids. I think Piper's crying bothered Morgan, so she cried a little in sympathy. Hopefully we didn't annoy anyone too much. Then Piper fell asleep and didn't wake up until we stopped at the check out (oh joy!). We got what we needed and headed back to the car. I loaded them back in the car and decided to treat myself to a Starbucks coffee on the way home. It's a Monday ritual anyway. Morgan had fun flirting with the drive-thru guy (not sure he was so thrilled) and home we went. When I pulled up David applauded my efforts. Hey, I deserved it.

Then we had one more Piper feeding and it was back to kitchen for lunch, and naptime for Morgan. Then a miracle ensued. I was able to get Piper to sleep in the swing and now BOTH babies (yes, Morgan will be a "baby" to me until she's Two) are asleep!! Morgan is due to wake up soon, so I hope to have some playtime with her before Piper wakes up hungry again.

Thank you Lord, for good timing today (so far)! We know this will not happen every day, but it is acknowledged. I think it will get better each day and I'll become more confident in my abilities as mother of TWO. It's still so hard to believe...but such a blessing.

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barbara said...

Congratulations!!! No small feat, glad it all went so well.