Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to Basics

It was time to pull out the "swaddle jr." again. We call it the "jr." because the "big gun" swaddle is the Miracle Blanket which is due to go into use again soon. The "jr." is great for naps during the day while the MB is for night-time use. Piper just couldn't get herself to sleep yesterday in the morning, so we used the swaddle, swing and binky to triple-team her into submission. A nice nap ensued and we all got some rest. It was a bonus that it was Morgan's regular naptime too!


Ali Rae said...

Aww... Piper looks so cute all swaddled up! I hope it does the trick for her. : ) Auntie Ali

barbara said...

Such lovely dark locks. Glad everyone got some rest. Maybe it was just a random outburst to remind you she is not to be taken for granted.