Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday - Not Wordless

We're planning a short trip to Seattle for this weekend, so I thought I'd get in a blog entry before we left. I also don't have any good pictures for this week, but I'm sure we'll have lots next week. Here's a few tidbits of what Morgan's been up to lately:

* Getting to sleep at night has been a challenge. It usually takes her a while to actually fall asleep once she's in her crib for the night. Aside from the increased lovey/blankie throwing problems she just doesn't settle easily. We've tried an earlier bedtime as well as a later bedtime with no luck. She just needs time to wind down. I'm going to ask the pediatrician about this at her 18 month appointment tomorrow.

* We've had somewhat of a reprieve on the picky eating in the last week or so. Yay! I'm sure it's just a phase though. I've tried foods again that she rejected before and she's actually been eating them. Hmmm. I guess they say it takes over 10 tries with some foods. She still doesn't go for breaded items much...what kid doesn't like fish sticks and chicken fingers? She also doesn't toss her food on the floor so much anymore. We're not sure if we did anything different, but we like it!

* Morgan does a strange thing with books. She'll bring me one to read, then when we're done she'll go get another one. BUT, when David reads her a book, she'll won't go get another one if I'm in the room...she'll bring me the same book to read that her daddy just read to her. So odd.

* She's learned to go down the stairs on her own now. The only thing I have to do is make sure she sits at the top of the stairs with her feet out in front of her. Then she will turn around and go down backwards. Otherwise she keeps trying to go head first by putting her hands down on the first step. Yikes! She's almost there.

* She still doesn't have a lot of words, but has continued to figure out some sign language. She correctly uses the "more" sign (fingertips together) and sometimes uses "all done". This sign though is a lot of frantic hand and arm waving instead of more controlled twisting back and forth of her hands...but it gets the point across. Hee hee!

Overall Morgan is just such a fun little girl! She laughs and smiles a lot and loves to explore her surroundings. We will have more fun info and pictures when we get back from Seattle!

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