Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun at the Park

We've really been making an effort to get Morgan out to our local parks so she can run and climb and get some energy out. She loves watching the other kids too. Saturday we went to Pavillion Park in Liberty Lake. They have a great water feature that kids can run through. She wasn't as interested in playing in the water on Saturday, but had a great time on the slides and playing "with" her friend Taylor.

Morgan is next to her Daddy and Taylor is at the bottom of the slide. She was obsessed with climbing up this slide...but we really had to push her up most of the way.

With Mommy. I looked really "round" in this picture. I really haven't gained THAT much weight...I think it's partially the poofy top I'm wearing.

Taylor and Morgan. Taylor is wearing an additional shirt, but if you look at their swimsuit skirts you can see that they have the same suit! Love Target...

What's next Daddy?!

With Daddy after changing back into her cute green dress (from Grandma B)

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