Sunday, June 28, 2009

Seattle Trip Concluded

Sorry it's taken me a while to finish these posts on our trip (since it's now two weeks ago). The final day of our trip we headed over to Bainbridge Island on the Ferry. We'd never experienced the Seattle Ferries before, so we were excited to see how it all worked.

Our condo was in such a location that we just walked along one of the close cross streets all the way down to the ferry terminal. We walked past Pike Place Market, the Aquarium and all the waterfront attractions and restaurants. We saw at the terminal how all the cars lined up to drive on to the Ferry when it arrived. We got our walk-on tickets and watched as the cars started to load up. Once on the Ferry we got a seat facing the skyline so we could have a nice view. The ride was about 30 minutes and very smooth. Bainbridge island was very nice with cute shops that reminded me a bit of Sausalito or Carmel. It made for a good day trip.

I showed this pic in my last post. Do you see Lovey checking out the view too?

Morgan made some new friends. These kids live in Seattle and were headed to Bainbridge to visit their cousins.

Sleepytime along the marina

After our walk and looking at shops Morgan needed to stretch her legs. We found a great playground and of couse she always loves her swings.

Getting better at sliding on her own

She now likes to climb up the slides backwards too
Back on the Seattle side with a walk on the boardwalk outside the Aquarium

More stairs to climb

She loves to see her reflection in anything. She would run up to this door smiling and laughing.

The famous Pike Place Public Market
That made for a full day. We had a nice dinner out that night at The Old Spaghetti Factory...appropriately family friendly too. The next morning we decided we'd seen all we had come to see and we headed home to Spokane. It's great to get away, but always better to be home again.

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barbara said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. We love reading your Blog and probably should send along appreciative comments more often. Super job!