Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The failed popsicle experiment

"Awesome dinner mommy!! What's for dessert??"

"A sponge on a stick?? Ouch...it's cold. My teeth are freezing and my hands are sticky!!"

"You call this a treat?? What kind of sick joke is this? Get it out of here"

"You shall not pass!!"

"This is your last chance to get it right."

"That's more like it...keep it coming."

"I wonder who invented vanilla? They rock. Why would mommy and daddy even consider anything else?"

"You only bought a half-gallon?"

"Daddy, you have another arm if this one's tired."

"Me tired?? Not anymore. I should be good till midnight!!!"

1 comment:

Ali Rae said...

Hee hee! Wow, my eyes are watering... this is SO funny! Morgan will like popsicles when she is older. :)

Aunt Ali