Thursday, June 18, 2009

Seattle Day 2 - The Zoo

Friday morning we took off for the Woodland Park Zoo. It was such a great place...not too huge and well laid out. There were lots of animals to see as well as other attractions to enjoy. It was a great zoo for an 18 month old. We think she enjoyed it. She saw some animals, but was really interested in all the other kids. There were tons of kids there on field trips, so she was in heaven.

Morgan and Daddy ready to get started

If you look close, you can see a zebra's behind

Shoulder ride

The elephants with Mama

The jaguar is sleeping

Morgan is sleeping

Penguins!!! Morgan was just waking up. She got a closer look, but the pics weren't great.

First carousel ride!

This is in the "Zoomasium." A "gymnasium" of sorts for kids up to 8 yrs. She loved it!

Chasing the big kids

Picking up "logs" and "sticks"...

...and moving them over here. Someone suggested she might be making a campfire?


Watching the flamingos...fading...

After a pizza dinner downtown that night Morgan fell asleep in a matter of about 10 minutes. For one who usually takes up to an hour to settle down, this was amazing. She had a full day.

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