Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seattle Day 1 - Road Trip

Morgan did great on the way over to Seattle! We left right around nap time. She played peek-a-boo with her lovey for a while, then fell fast asleep for almost two hours.

We missed the best shot of lovey sitting right on top of her head like a hat (bunny ears and all).

Snacks at the rest stop at Cle Elem

Already chasing the boys
We arrived in Seattle around 5:00. Unfortunately, we were met with accomodations that weren't quite what we expected. It would be rude for me to go into the details...but it wasn't quite as child-friendly as we hoped. We made it work and were quite glad to be staying for FREE. It was also a great location that made for some easy walking to many of the sights we wanted to see. Morgan was a trooper and adapted way better than we thought. Most days we were able to get in a nap as well as some good sleeping at night. More to come!

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