Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seattle Day 3 - A Tale of Two Henrys

On our third day in Seattle we went to visit some friends!! We had really been looking forward to this. Our first stop was at my friend Jennie's home in the Magnolia area of town. She and her husband Matthew have an adorable almost-two-year old named Henry. We had a lovely brunch at the marina and then went to an awesome playground close to their home. Morgan had never seen a sandbox before and she jumped right in. As you can see from the picture I had her all dolled up in a cute outfit and white socks and sandals...we didn't anticipate the sandbox that day.

Digging right in with the shovels and buckets

Cool spinning thing that looked a bit like a large suction cup. She loved it!

Here's adorable Henry. FYI - he's standing on a box of some kind watching his Daddy out the window. He and Morgan are actually about the same height.

Here's me and Jennie and our munchkins. Who knew we'd still keep in touch since becoming friends in middle school?!
Oh, but there's another Henry we met that day! When I worked in Coeur d'Alene I met April, who is a rep for a publication we bought advertising for. We became fast friends and bonded over the road to becoming mommies. She and her hubby Greg live in West Seattle in a beautiful home overlooking the water. Their little Henry is about 5 months old. I forgot how little they are!! He was a bit of a preemie, so he is smaller than most 5 month olds too.

Henry and David

April reading to Morgan. She brought the book right to her. She must really have liked her!

Morgan nuzzling Henry
We wondered how Morgan would react to a tiny baby. She did what she does to my belly...she put her head right up to him. She also did this at our neighbor's house yesterday with their 6 month old. We'll see how she feels when her little sister comes along...then doesn't go away. After a wonderful homecooked dinner and some great company we headed back downtown. The next post will conclude our trip...then it will be back to the day-to-day events in Spokane. Its great to get away, but also really good to be home.

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Anonymous said...

She is so cute with the baby. She is going to be a great big sis!