Monday, May 4, 2009

A Weekend with Aunt Ali

My sister Ali came to visit this last weekend. We had a really nice time. Due to some knee surgery she hadn't seen Morgan since her birthday so she had to show off her new walking and talking skills.

I got a nice break two nights in a row. On Friday night Ali and I had a girl's night and went to dinner and a movie (a chick flick of course). Ali generously offered to watch Morgan on Saturday night so David and I could go to the Shock game. It was nice to be able to watch the game without having to keep one eye trained on a toddler.

Other activities for the weekend included a shopping spree (for Morgan) at Old Navy. She got the CUTEST outfits for the summer! She also enjoyed checking out the new "Super Modelquins", checking of course to be sure they all had belly buttons, as well as Barker the dog. She also got very excited when other kids came in the store. I had to stop her from chasing another girl around and she tried to hug at least one boy. She sure keeps me on my toes lately.

Ali and I also put together Morgan's new slide for the backyard. The weather was pretty overcast this weekend, so she only used it one time. I think it will take a little practice to do it on her own...but she will be climbing all over it soon. We went to Morgan's swim lesson on Saturday morning and Ali made use of the lap pool to get a workout in. Her Dr. wants her to do quite a bit of swimming as part of her rehab.

Of course, Ali's camera was in high gear, thus...we don't have any pictures for me to post today. Unfortunately I didn't have time to download them before she left. I'll post them as soon as she is able to send them my way.

Happy Monday!

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