Friday, May 8, 2009

The Biscuit's 24 Week Appt

"The Biscuit" continues to do well. We had our 24 week appointment today and it usual. Really, at this point there is not much to get excited about with appointments. Here's how it goes: Pee in a cup (checked out OK), get weighed (apparently "on track"), blood pressure (100 over something...that was good), Nurse Practitioner comes in, baby's heart rate (150), measure height of uterus (on track too)...then questions.

One funny thing about the heart rate is that the Biscuit was on the move. We kept hearing it, then it would disappear so the NP would have to chase it around my belly. Apparently she was lying sideways when she finally got it long enough to get the heart rate. In the last week she has been moving around a ton. Or she's just big enough now that I'm feeling it a lot more. In fact, last night we were falling asleep and all of a sudden she did some kind of somersault. It was this big "swish" and a "plop." I remember Morgan doing that and it is the strangest feeling. This is the point in the pregnancy where there is still lots of room for the baby to move around, so I should expect there to be lots of flops in the next 6 or so weeks. After that baby gets more confined, so not so many big movements. At that point you hope she settles head down because there might not be room to flip after that.

My next appointment is at 28 weeks and at that one I will have my 1-Hour Glucose Tolerance Test. This is the test where they determine if you have Gestational Diabetes. GD can cause all sorts of problems including growing an extra large baby. I'd like to avoid that. For the test, you show up and right away they give you a sugary soda drink. The one I had with Morgan was sort of like an orange soda, but not as tasty. They keep it really cold because it's more pleasant going down that way. I remember just closing my eyes and chugging to get it over with. After this lovely experience I'll have my regular appointment with the Dr., then at exactly one hour from when I finished the "soda" I'll have some blood taken. They'll let me know in a few days if there are any issues, otherwise, as with Morgan all was fine and they didn't call me. With this test you want to "pass" the first time because if you don't you have to come back and do a 3-Hour test. I think you only have to drink the "soda" once, but you have to have blood drawn every hour for 3 hours. Ugh. If you pass that you're OK, if're on to the GD diet. I'm thinking I'll be fine though.

There's the update. Sorry not so many posts this week. Where did the time go?!


barbara said...

Good to hear Mom and "The Biscuit" are both doing fine.

Amy Rusalov said...

So exciting to hear the updates on your growing family!