Friday, May 22, 2009


Morgan took her "baby" for it's first official ride yesterday. Until now she had not seemed all that interested in actually using the doll stroller. She takes the baby in and out of it, and puts other toys in it but she doesn't actually push it. Possibly this is because when she first started using it she wasn't quite as adept with her walking. She fell on top of it a few times, so that might have scared her off.

Yesterday we were down on the floor playing and she put the baby in the stroller. I moved it away from the other toys and encouraged her to walk with it. Lo and behold she walked straight down the hall with it and into her room. I grabbed the camera and kept calling her name. I figured she would get stuck in there and not be able to turn it around, but to my surprise she came right back out with it...the baby was even still in it!! She did need a little help from time to time when she hit a corner or piece of furniture, but she maneuvered it way better than I expected. Go Morgan!

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